Dharma in action

Holistic Education system

Materials distribution to school children

Every year distribution of study materials is organized in favour of the school children living in the surroundings of Tapovarishtashram in Kerala.


Food distribution

Regular distribution of rice is organized in Kerala by Tapovarishtashram in favor of the poor people living in its surroundings.

Health care

Traditional medicine

Promoting of Ayurveda and Siddha, India’s ancient¬†medical¬†systems which are among the oldest in the world.

Ecology and sustainable development

Drinkable water

Distribution of drinkable water to the affected population are regularly held in Kerala by Tapovarishtashram during periods of heavy drought.

Natural disasters relief

A helping hand to Kerala

Early and medium term provision of assistance to disaster affected communities in Kerala after heavy rains, hurricanes and floods occurred in August 2018.


Integral Yoga


Workshops and open day programs are regularly held in India and worldwide on yoga, personal awareness and Vedic culture.